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Do you need to have an anchored retaining wall installed on your property? If you want to build a retaining wall in a moderate size of up to 12 meters, anchored retaining walls can get the job done. They are often installed by using cables to pin down its top and bottom structure.

Anchored walls can support bigger loads as long as they are properly constructed, which is why you will need to get the help of a trusted contractor.

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We are a group of experienced workers who have been installing retaining walls in Raleigh since 2010. 

What does our work process look like?

When you are working with a contractor for the very first time, you are aware of the horror stories circulating around the internet, such as unfinished projects, rude workers, and poor quality work. Knowing about the testimonies from disappointed home and business owners can make you hesitant to work with professionals, and we do not blame you.






Sadly, there are a handful of contractors that spread bad reputations in the industry due to various reasons. Rest assured, however, that there are still so much more good workers that the few bad apples did not taint. We assure you that there is no need to be too hesitant in getting the help of professionals, but we understand how you may need extra guarantees.

This is why we are listing down our usual process below on our site so that you are aware of how we often do our work. Though the standard procedure is not absolute and can be changed depending on the project, we always make sure that we can deliver high-quality work, no matter how small or big the task is.

Don’t worry, we will not get into too much technical stuff. Our goal here is to only give you a look at our methods from the first time you call us up to the day we finish the project

Step 1: Getting in touch

Are you referred by our past clients or did you find us through our website? If this is the case, all you need to do is contact us through our office number or you can also schedule an appointment by using our online form. Tell us all about your project, such as its location, what function do you want your retaining wall to do, the size, the material you prefer to use, etc. Some clients ask us about our price quotation at this stage and we can give a figure, however, it may or may not be accurate if we have not been able to visit the site yet.

When all your inquiries are answered and you decide that you want to work with our crew, we will schedule an appointment of when we can visit the area.

Step 2: Surveying the site and planning the design

At this stage, our crew will visit your place to take a look at the surroundings. The experts will be there to take note of important details, such as the particular location, soil, and load that the constructed retaining wall will have to take. 

This is also when options are laid out to make sure that the design that the clients want will be able to do the necessary function for the location it is in. For example, when a client wants the look of concrete but the team may have noticed that the chosen material will not be able to support the load, we will give you our suggestions.

Step 3: Preparing the necessary stuff

When the design is finalized such as the type of retaining wall we are building and the material we will use, we can start with the preparations right away as long as the client has given out the go signal. Depending on your location, some local municipalities require building permits before starting the construction of the retaining wall. To avoid problems with neighbors that can result in a hefty fine, it would be safe to ask the contractor if a permit is needed for your project.

As we are licensed to operate in Raleigh, we can help you secure the permits whenever they are necessary. After all, it is our job to help you. During this stage, we will also prepare the equipment we will use for an efficient and continuous process. 

Step 4: Constructing the wall

This is the time when our workers will go to the location to install the needed retaining wall. Depending on the type of the project, it may only take a few days or a couple more to finish. The period it takes to complete will obviously rely on several factors such as the difficulty of the wall to install and how big it has to be made. 

Step 5: Finishing touches

When the construction is already complete, our crew will assess the finished wall and see if there is any retouching or fixing that needs to be done. It is important for us to always do our jobs in the highest quality possible. We will check with the client if they are satisfied and once they are and there are no obligations left, we will be on our way.

Do you have any questions? Talk to our team.

If you have any clarifications, please do not hesitate to talk to our staff. We will always be glad to be of help to you. All you have to do is give us a call at this number and let us answer all your concerns.

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