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Due to varying types of soils, retaining walls are continuously innovated to meet certain conditions to retain earth. One in particular is the pile retaining wall. This type of retaining wall differ in structure depending on its purpose but in general it is applied to secure a better foundation for a construction site. With the help of a piling wall, deeper and stronger layers of soil guarantee a stable foundation.

Placing piles around the area of construction, a primary wall is constructed, and it is used as a makeshift or permanent retaining formation of soil. A pile wall is then used to make sure the solidity of the excavation, seal open pits, prevent displacement of a building and avoid landslide damages.

Depending again on the geographical structure of the construction site and requirements of the project, there are different types of pile walls: Secant Pile Wall, Contiguous Pile Wall, and Cantilever Pile Wall.

Types of Piling Walls

Secant Piling Wall

The Secant Piling Wall is created by placing concrete piles in a reinforced crossing manner. The first step is placing piles that are without reinforcement. Concrete is then applied to make the primary pile strong as it should be. A secondary pile is then constructed by drilling holes going through the soil that serves as a foundation and some parts of the primary pile. Typically, there is an eight to ten centimeters of overlapping primary and secondary piles. Once drilling holes are finished, these piles will be added with steel and another concrete wall is applied. 







  • Provides stability in construction sites with non-cohesive soil where the collapse of structure is a possibility.
  • The structure will be able to provide heavier loads and a possibility of increasing its height if the pit is deeper.


Contiguous Piling Wall 

What makes a contiguous pile wall Projects unique is its spacing between the piles. The majority of the material used for this type of pile wall should be coherent giving no chance of collapse. 


  • Budget-friendly and quicker to construct if you are on a deadline to finish your construction.


Cantilever Pile Wall

The Cantilever Pile Wall is actually constructed by excavating below the ground that makes it more stable. It also makes a stronger soil mass because of the wall holding the ground in front.


  • The open pit will have a solid excavation.
  • No additional support needed to be applied.
  • Procedures are simpler making the construction quicker.

What is the pile type that is mostly used to act as a retaining wall?

When it comes to retaining walls, piles are commonly used as a foundation element to provide support and stability to the structure. There are several types of piles available, including driven piles, drilled piles, and auger-cast piles.

Among these pile types, the most commonly used as a retaining wall is the driven pile. Driven piles are usually made of steel, timber, or precast concrete and are installed by hammering them into the ground. The installation process involves using a heavy hammer to drive the pile into the soil until it reaches a solid, load-bearing layer.

One of the key advantages of driven piles is that they can be installed quickly and efficiently, making them ideal for large-scale projects. They also offer excellent load-bearing capacity, which is essential for retaining walls that need to resist the pressure of the soil or other materials behind them.

Another advantage of driven piles is their versatility. They can be used in a variety of soil conditions, including hard soil, soft soil, and even rocky terrain. They can also be installed at an angle, making them useful in situations where space is limited or where the slope of the retaining wall needs to be adjusted.

Want to know more about our team?

Installing a retaining wall in your residential or commercial property would need the skill of an artisan. These walls should be made to be able to be strong enough to resist immense pressure while also looking attractive to be used for landscaping purposes. 

Because of how important the function of a retaining wall is, whether it is a gravity or anchored wall type, you will need to hire a contractor you know you can trust. 

Doing a research on your would-be contractor before finalizing a contract can save you from so much stress in the future when you find out that the people you are hiring are not experienced enough or do not know how to use the proper materials for your specific project. 

We understand how important it is to be assured of your contractor’s capabilities, which is why we are taking the time to make ourselves known to you.

Who are we?

We are a company that has a small but experienced crew of workers who has been doing installation services focused on constructing retaining walls. Though we are only few in numbers, we treat each other like family and the company always invests in training for us to upgrade our skills.

Our business was established back in 2010 and since then, we are very proud to say that we have installed multiple retaining walls of great quality and are made exactly how our clients want them. When you work with us, it is okay to expect the workers to be professional and respectful. We will always come at the time and date that we agreed on and will be there to get the job efficiently. 

Ask around Raleigh and you will know how much the locals trust us with their landscaping needs. Most of our customers call us to do other projects for them after our initial work was done because they are highly satisfied with our services, and we are very grateful for their support. We promise to give our 100% effort and commitment to all our clients, no matter how big or small their project is. 

What are the services we offer?

With our crew’s years of experience, practice, and training, we can guarantee that we will do the best we can for your construction project. We install different types of retaining walls made with the compatible material that will suit your needs. 

Some of the services we do are the following:

✔ Gravity Retaining Walls Installation

✔ Piling Retaining Walls Installation

✔ Cantilever Retaining Walls Installation

✔ Anchored Retaining Walls Installation

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