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Retaining walls that are cantilever type are often constructed using reinforced concrete. They are the most common type and can usually be seen in bridges and highways as they are cost-effective and easy to make.

Cantilever retaining walls are very effective to be used as support and are utilized in many places, which is why a professional should be the one to construct it. When you need to have one installed, do not hesitate to call the best contractor in town.

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We started out with only a couple of workers back when the company was first established in 2010. Although we were still starting at the time, some customers were willing to let us do the construction on their property and we are very grateful for the trust they gave us even if we were still unknown. Because of our consistency and continuous efforts, the few customers we had were very satisfied with our services that they have amazingly spread the word and told their close friends, family, and some acquaintances about us. This has paved the way for our company being well known in the area and we have even been called the “best contractor that gets the job done.”








Why is a cantilever retaining wall called a cantilever?

The stem is designed to act as a cantilever beam, which means that it is anchored at one end and extends outwards, unsupported, at the other end. In the case of a cantilever retaining wall, the stem extends backward, into the soil or material that is being retained.

The cantilever principle used in the design of this type of wall allows for a relatively simple and economical construction process, as compared to other types of retaining walls. The wall relies on the inherent strength of the materials used in its construction to withstand the forces of the retained material and soil pressure.

The cantilever design principle is said to resemble the overhanging portion of a musical instrument, such as the neck of a violin or guitar. Just like the overhanging portion of a musical instrument, a cantilever retaining wall is supported only at one end, which allows for an overhanging structure to be created.

A cantilever retaining wall is called a cantilever because it is designed using the cantilever principle, which allows for the creation of an overhanging structure that is anchored at only one end. This design principle has been used for centuries in engineering and construction and remains a popular and economical method of building retaining walls.

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