Can you build a pool near a retaining wall?

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Retaining walls are often constructed in order to keep soil in a certain area so that it will not be eroded by rain, air, and other conditions. Because of this, they are usually placed in sloped areas for them to support the weight of the soil and keeping it safe for the people and other properties living under it.

Aside from building a retaining wall to support soil, some of the many reasons why they are constructed are that they also increase the appraisal value of a property, serve as a nice boundary, are great for gardening, and also make a lawn more attractive for the onlookers and neighbors.

Because there are many benefits to having a retaining wall installed in a property, more and more owners are interested in having it constructed. However, there might be some limitations and things that need to be considered and taken into account, such as if it is possible to build other structures near it in the future. After all, it may not be possible for you to do some of your wanted home renovations once you already have a retaining wall in your place.

Would it be possible to build a pool near an existing retaining wall?





If you are a property owner with a retaining wall already installed, you may be wary about the structures that you will build near your retaining wall. When you want a pool constructed but are worried because you will have to construct it near a retaining wall, you are right to have your reservations. Yes, building a pool near a retaining wall could definitely work. However, it may or may not be a good decision, depending on the circumstances.

Although it is very possible to build a pool near a retaining wall, make sure that you are ready and prepared. There are many things you have to consider before having some home renovations constructed near your wall, as there are a few things you need to keep in mind, such as:

The built of your retaining wall

If your existing retaining wall is within a regular height which is around 3 to 4 feet high, it is possible that it will not need any support or anchors. This is mainly because the soil it has to support would not be too heavy that it will need extreme reinforcements. In this case, it would be safe to build structures near your wall, as it is unlikely to fail for many years as long as it is regularly inspected and maintained.

On the other hand, if your retaining wall exceeds a height of 4 feet, most cities and local governments require it to be built with supports, as it can be very dangerous once it fails. If this is the case, make sure that you have talked to an expert before building a new structure near your wall, as unfortunate accidents may be possible to happen.

The condition of your retaining wall

Before building any structure near your retaining wall, it would be best to have it inspected by a masonry contractor. This is to make sure that it is still in its best condition and that there are no issues and damages in it that may cause accidents in the future. When a contractor assesses your wall, they will make sure that it is still stable and rigid and that it is still doing the particular function that is the reason why it is built in the first place. At the end of the day, you would not want to spend your money on building a new pool for it to be damaged once your retaining wall fails.

The condition of your yard

One of the things that need to be considered before building a new structure such as a pool near your retaining wall is your yard. This is because you might have to deal with issues such as the terrain of your land. If your retaining wall is built because your area is sloped, it may be wise to not build your pool close to your wall. By doing this, you can avoid the problems that come with having uneven ground, as it is also possible to fall into your newly constructed pool once it fails.

However, if a pool is properly built while consulting a masonry expert, building a pool near a retaining wall will most likely not be an issue. In fact, it is possible to utilize the already built wall and integrate it with the construction of the new pool, making the result more attractive and unique.

The structure you want to build

When you are building a structure near your retaining wall, it is important to know the codes and regulations in your state or city. This is why it would be best to consult a local contractor as you might need to have a building permit requested before you start the building of your structure. For example, if you are building a pool, your contractor will need to submit a site plan that will show your location and the height of your retaining wall. This will also determine whether it will be safe to build, as it will most likely be assessed by a local engineer.

If your wall is considered to be above the standard height, you may need to place your pool at a distance that is not too close to it.

The minimum requirement in terms of the space

Finally, one of the factors you have to consider is the minimum distance requirement that is required between your specific type of retaining wall up to the structure that you want to build. As an example, if your wall is tall, it would be wise to build the structure not too close in proximity for safety precautions. In some states, it is required to set a distance of at least 2 to 3 feet between the retaining wall and a pool’s barrier.

However, if your goal is to build your new pool near the retaining wall, it would be possible as long as it will be approved by a masonry professional and a structural engineer. This is often the case when the site plan is deemed to be safe while giving consideration to the safety of the dwellers and the structure and integrity of the wall in mind.

What does a pool retaining wall mean?

Pool retaining walls are the specific type of retaining wall that is meant to be placed beside the sloped part of a pool to serve as a structure that keeps water from rain to go into the pool. In other words, the purpose of a pool retaining wall is to act as a drainage system to keep rainwater away.

They can also be used as a:


Pool retaining walls can be used to save space or be a wall that separates a pool into several parts. This can often be seen in public pools that have a designated space for adults and children with a sloped ground. To make sure that the people are aware of which pool is deep and shallow, pool retaining walls can keep the children safe from accidents.


Another function of pool retaining walls is for aesthetic purposes. They can be used to make attractive features such as waterfalls and wall spouts, which are very beautiful once they are constructed properly.

Is calling a professional really necessary?

It is absolutely recommended to get the help of a professional when building a pool near a retaining wall. Not only will this guarantee your safety but it will also be a way to make sure that you will get the best pool you and your family can enjoy using.

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