Do I really need a retaining wall?

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Is the terrain in your property challenging, sloped, or uneven? Is it hard to make use of the space in your area as it is unleveled? Are you looking for a project that will surely make your backyard more attractive? If you said yes to any of the questions above, you are one of the property owners who would truly benefit from having a retaining wall. In fact, you absolutely need it. 

Most people have seen the beautiful and durable walls that were often built outside of schools, commercial buildings, and residential areas. However, they may not know that these retaining walls are different from the standard ones used in buildings and that they perform more functions aside from charming passersby with their aesthetic appeal. 

If you are having trouble in deciding whether you actually need a retaining wall or if you are just envious of the majestic walls that you see every day from your neighbor’s lawn, we have made a simple guide to ease your concerns, and, once and for all, to help you make your decision.  

When do you really need a retaining wall?

If you are still torn about whether to “build or not to build”  a retaining wall for your property even if you have been thinking about it for the last couple of months, we cannot blame you. After all, retaining walls need commitment. 

The owner who wants to have them constructed should prepare their budget and make time to do a proper search of a trusted and efficient contractor who will do it. Also, they can take time to construct, and if you want to see how it was constructed, you will need to plan accordingly. 

To make your judgment, ask yourself the following questions:

Question No. 1: “Does my property have poor soil quality?”

If the soil on your area is considered “poor”, this usually means that it is compacted, dry, or weak. Poor soil can cause problems with your home’s foundation in the future, and you may even notice now that they can get washed off easily just by minor reasons such as foot traffic or slight rain. 





Having a retaining wall constructed will help the soil in your area not get eroded and transported to other locations. 

Question No. 2: “Do I want to use the space in my area more efficiently?”

Do you have a huge empty space on your lawn that you want to use more effectively? Segmenting it into parts with a retaining wall will actually be a nice and creative idea. If you do not have a lot of space, there are retaining walls that are not as bulky that could totally be utilized as a slim wall.

Nowadays, retaining walls can even be used for planters and are great in making space for building patios and gardens.  

Question No. 3: “Can standing water be seen in my area?”

Do you notice water that is stuck on some parts of your area for several days, or sometimes even weeks? This is often the case when you have poor soil on your property. Standing water comes from rain and other sources that have nowhere else to go to as the soil may have trapped in. Sadly, standing water can cause issues with your foundation and may even result in flooding.

Having a retaining wall constructed that is fitted with a functional drainage system will allow water to be drained properly.

Question No. 4: “Is my property near or on a hill, slope, or unbalanced ground?”

If your area is not leveled or is near a mountain or a slope, having a retaining wall constructed is a necessity and a requirement for your safety. This type of area can be dangerous and prone to landslides or erosions, especially during a strong storm or earthquake. 

Building a strong retaining wall that is carefully designed to fit your area’s terrain can help you secure your land and protect you from unfortunate accidents. 

Question No. 5: “Do I have neighbors or strangers using my space?”

If you have some neighbors or strangers that are using your space, building a retaining wall can be a way to firmly mark your boundary. This can be the case if you don’t have any fences around your property or if the land is still empty.

Though they may not know they are already invading your area or are intentionally doing so, nobody wants strangers or trespassers on their lawn. Just make sure to inform your neighbor before building your retaining wall to avoid headaches and disputes. 

Question No. 6: “Do I want to improve my home’s appraisal value?”

As a homeowner, you might be thinking of some ways to increase your home’s value. Lush gardens and trees are very effective in increasing the appraisal value of a property, however, not all people have the time or the green thumb to take care of and maintain plants. 






When you have a properly planned and constructed retaining wall, you will be able to receive a higher value on your next appraisal. This makes for a very good investment, especially if you are planning to resell your home in the next couple of years.

Question No. 7: “Do I want an attractive landscape?”

Finally, if you want a beautiful and attractive lawn, adding a retaining wall to your outdoor setup would be a great project. In fact, there are contractors you can contact that specialize in landscaping with retaining walls. Just tell them what you need and they will construct a wall that will fit the theme you are going for. Retaining walls can be made of materials such as stone, brick, and concrete that can be customized and painted to make your landscape more eye-catching. 

Invest in a well-constructed wall.

To guarantee that you will receive the benefits that come with having retaining walls, have them be constructed by a professional licensed contractor in your area. 

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