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Retaining walls that are cantilever type are often constructed using reinforced concrete. They are the most common type and can usually be seen in bridges and highways as they are cost-effective and easy to make.

Cantilever retaining walls are very effective to be used as support and are utilized in many places, which is why a professional should be the one to construct it. When you need to have one installed, do not hesitate to call the best contractor in town.

Our Story?

We started out with only a couple of workers back when the company was first established in 2010. Although we were still starting at the time, some customers were willing to let us do the construction on their property and we are very grateful for the trust they gave us even if we were still unknown. Because of our consistency and continuous efforts, the few customers we had were very satisfied with our services that they have amazingly spread the word and told their close friends, family, and some acquaintances about us. This has paved the way for our company being well known in the area and we have even been called the “best contractor that gets the job done.”








In the present, it is still our mission to always, and we mean always, provide exceptional services for all our clients. Whether they were referred to us or if they found us on our site, the team will treat them like we have been doing since we have started back in the early years.

Our crew?

Even if it has not been that long since our company was established, our crew has been doing their work for other companies and have been in the industry for many years. We are thankful that they are now working in the company as we can confidently say that we have looked high and low for expert contractors in many cities and we have found them.

Why should you trust us to get the job done?

We understand that you will always want the best workers to do your project. After all, it can be very expensive to have a retaining wall installed. This expense can be doubled (and even tripled) if you hire someone that does not actually know what they are doing. It is not a secret that there have been some mistakes a few contractors made that got the client to lose more money to pay for repairs in just a couple of months after the wall was constructed.

When you work with us, we can absolutely guarantee that it will not happen to you, because our crew is:

Trained, equipped, and experienced

As mentioned before, every single one of our crew has been constructing retaining walls for a couple of years already, and some have even been in the industry for almost 30 years before they started working with us. We treat our crew like family and make sure that they are happy and are continuously doing what they can to have more skills. This is why we invest in trainings whenever they are available.

We do what we can to ensure that our crew has the best equipment there is that can be used not only for a more precise and efficient job but also for their safety. 

Good listeners

There are some clients that talk to us and say how glad they are that we are actually listening to their needs and requests instead of dismissing their opinions. For us, it is a constant thing to practice clear communication. It is very important to us to make sure that we and our clients are communicating properly as they are the ones who have sought our services. When our customers have requests and details they want to share for their project, we will always respect them and keep them in mind. However, our crew will also give out our suggestions especially when the client’s requests are not possible or if there are other better alternatives. 


Because of the experience that our crew has, with it also comes knowledge and expertise. Doing the surveys are very important before having a retaining wall constructed as it can influence what type of wall can be built depending on the specific need, location, and aesthetic that the clients have and prefer. When our team does the visits, we make sure to take note of every important part written on the checklist we prepared. This is when knowledge comes in handy as a contractor should be able to design a plan that will do the function the customer needs and to choose a material that will best fit the type of wall that will be installed. 

Trusted by the locals

We are based in Raleigh and have been doing the construction of retaining walls for the residents in the area. No matter what the retaining wall is for and where they are placed, we have been the number one company that the locals can rely on to do the best work. You can see their reviews on our site and we have also included some details and pictures of our past projects which you view easily. 


Our crew will always believe in honesty and transparency, which is probably one of the reasons why we were successful in getting our loyal customers. When we give you our price quotation, rest assured that there are no hidden fees and you will only pay the reasonable rate that we quoted from the very beginning.

Retaining Walls Services we offer

Our crew are able to do

✔ Gravity Retaining Walls Installation

✔ Piling Retaining Walls Installation

✔ Cantilever Retaining Walls Installation

✔ Anchored Retaining Walls Installation 

Do you need a cantilever retaining wall installed? Just call us at our number and let our team handle the project.

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